The Institute for Patient Access is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing education to physicians and other health care providers.  

Mission & Purpose 

The IfPA Center for Continuing Education aims to improve physicians’ and other health care providers’ knowledge of: 

  • Approved medications and patient-centered care 
  • Clinical practices that enhance patients’ health  


Alongside partner organizations, IfPA produces education events, including those with commercial support and those featuring auxiliary events. IfPA’s role includes: 

  • Ensuring compliance with ACCME standards 
  • Coordinating activity evaluation and processing credit claims 
  • Managing disclosures for those participating in content development and presentation 
  • Providing event management 
  • Guiding partners in writing and submitting grants for commercial support 
  • Overseeing budget reconciliation in the context of commercially supported events 

Target Audience 

Educational content and services offered by IfPA are meant for: 

  • IfPA-affiliated physicians and providers 
  • Partner organization-affiliated physicians and providers 
  • Physicians and providers nationwide for whom patient-centered care is paramount 

To learn more about how IfPA can accredit your event, email [email protected]