Alliance for Patient Access Assumes Leadership of Rx Process Website Educates, Mobilizes on Patient Access Issues

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2015 — The Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA) today announced that it will now manage, an online resource for patients to learn, share stories and advocate about access to approved medical therapies. The website complements AfPA’s advocacy and educational resources by enabling users to weigh in on the policies that affect access to the medications prescribed by their health care providers.

“AfPA’s membership includes nearly 700 physician advocates from across the country,” explained AfPA Executive Director Brian Kennedy. “Regardless of their specialty area or geographic location, these physicians report their patients facing many of the same access barriers: step therapy or “fail first” requirements, the impact of discriminatory specialty tiers co-insurance in health plans, prior authorizations that delay treatment and exorbitant out-of-pocket costs required by insurers. helps patients understand these challenges and empowers them to influence related policy.”

The website, which also addresses therapeutic substitution and prescription adherence, provides users a glossary of related terms. It also links to disease-specific patient organization websites and allows users to share personal stories about access challenges. Under the “Get Involved” tab, users can also contact their elected officials to express concerns or advocate for specific patient access policies.

Under AfPA’s leadership, the website will:

  • Inform patients about prescription medication access issues that affect how they obtain and pay for medications
  • Highlight federal and state-specific legislative and regulatory developments that impact patient access
  • Provide a platform for patients to voice their concerns to policymakers
  • Allow patients to share their personal experiences with prescription medication access issues.

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