Grateful Patient Day Spotlights Health Care Heroes

From roadside banners to homemade signs to the nightly clanging of pots and pans across New York City, appreciation for health care workers has taken on a whole new meaning in 2020.  On September 7, the annual Grateful Patient Day invites people to unite those expressions of thankfulness on social media.

The marquee program of the nonprofit Grateful Patient Project, the day uses the social media hashtag #GratefulPatient to spotlight expressions of thanks for doctors, nurses, researchers, facilities and medical innovations that make a difference in the lives of patients. 

  • For Monica from Kansas, it’s the health care professionals who have been working around the clock and putting in more hours than normal.
  • For Connalita from Indiana, it’s her doctor, who went the extra mile to get her negative COVID-19 test results back. 
  • And for Rayetta from Arkansas, it’s the health care providers who have shown her compassion during scary and confusing times.

People can hear from other patients, and share stories of their own, using #GratefulPatient.

Grateful Patient Day grew out of the personal health challenges faced by Rolf Benirschke, former San Diego Chargers placekicker and NFL Man of the Year.  Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Benirschke underwent two emergency surgeries within six days and spent almost six weeks in the intensive care unit fighting for his life. He survived and has since dedicated his time to patient advocacy and to supporting the research that leads to new medical treatments.  

As the world awaits COVID-19 vaccines and continues to rely on resilient medical professionals, Grateful Patient Day offers patients a chance to say two critical words: thank you. Learn more at

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