New AfPA Video Examines Pain Management Policy

By Amanda Conschafter, blog editor

How can policy limit prescription pain pill abuse without impeding medical access for patients with legitimate pain? This multi-faceted question provides the framework for AfPA’s newest policy video, “Prescription Pain Medicine: Preserving Patient Access While Curbing Abuse.”

Hosted by AfPA Chairman David Charles, M.D., the video explores several of the issues addressed in IfPA’s white paper of the same name: legitimate use of pain therapies, the national challenge of prescription pain pill abuse, and the effects that regulations have on physicians and patients. The video gives particular attention to prescription drug monitoring programs. As Dr. Charles explains, these programs must be “easy to use, streamlined, not overly burdensome to the practice and, most importantly…effective.”

To learn more about striking a policy balance between abuse deterrence and legitimate medical access, watch the video in full on AfPA’s website.


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