Co-Pay Accumulator

My Co-Pay Accumulator Story

January 25, 2019

“Important Prescription Plan Change,” the letter announced.  “We’re writing to inform you of an important upcoming change to your specialty prescription benefits.”

How Policymakers Can Stop Patients’ Co-Pay Surprise

July 31, 2018

Can policymakers prevent new co-pay accumulator programs from surprising patients at the pharmacy counter?  The short answer: yes. They have several options, in fact, according to a new overview of policy proposals from the Institute for Patient Access.  

Co-pay Accumulator Adjustment Programs

June 25, 2018

Not everyone can afford the medication they need. To make drugs more accessible, manufacturers sometimes provide co-pay coupons to help patients cover their out-of-pocket pharmacy expenses.

IfPA Paper Explains How New Co-pay Coupon Rules Hurt Patients

June 14, 2018

“Not everyone can afford the medication they need,” opens a new policy brief from the Institute for Patient Access.  Co-pay coupons are one source of financial support for patients.  Issued by drug manufacturers, co-pay coupons reduce patients’ out-of-pocket cost.  They also help patients meet their annual deductible.

Patients’ Nasty Co-pay Surprise

January 26, 2018

A new trend has more health insurers implementing what are known as co-pay accumulator programs, which change how patients meet their annual deductible.  Insurers embrace the programs to increase their revenues and discourage the use of high-cost drugs.  But, in so doing, they leave patients with a difficult choice.