How Men Can Grapple with Gout

June 3, 2021

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, did not know that uric acid causes inflammatory arthritis in the joints known as gout. But even 2,500 years ago, before the disease had a name, he noted men’s particular vulnerability to the disease.

Gout Awareness Day 2021: More Knowledge, Better Life

May 21, 2021

Many people have heard of gout. They may even know that it’s a form of inflammatory arthritis that usually attacks joints. But it’s doubtful they know that 9 million Americans suffer from it. Or how painful and debilitating attacks can be.

Gout Patients’ Hidden Heart Risk

February 11, 2021

Joints become red, swollen and painful. For people with gout, these are telltale signs of an attack. But research suggests gout patients should also watch for signs of another event – a heart attack.

Living with the “King’s Disease”

August 13, 2020

As a boy I would see my grandfather in his worn recliner, foot elevated, with his big toe as red as an apple. One day I asked him what happened, and he joked, “Don’t you know? I’m royalty. I have the king’s disease.”

Our Shared Struggle with Gout

June 9, 2020

As a high school athlete, I was always pushing protein. I didn’t pay attention to balanced nutrition. I just ate whatever I could to down 200 grams of protein each day.