Summer 2018: A Health Policy Recap in 10 Quotes

August 30, 2018

Patient access developments didn’t stop for summer.  As we head into fall, here are 10 quotes from the news items – and new materials – that kept the health policy conversation lively during summer 2018.

Policymakers Increase Efforts to Eliminate Hepatitis C

August 2, 2018

Direct-acting antivirals, which provide about a 90 percent cure rate, can prevent cirrhosis and liver cancer, reducing the number of liver transplants needed, and minimizing disease transmission.  The initial list price of the drugs gave many insurers and health systems sticker shock, though market forces continue to drive down the price.

Mounting Lawsuits Pressure States to Treat Prisoners with Hepatitis C

February 6, 2018

In Missouri, a class action lawsuit is under appeal.  In Florida, a U.S. District Court judge ordered the Department of Corrections to begin treating infected inmates immediately.  And at least six other states, including Virginia and Tennessee, face similar legal challenges.

Medicaid Systems are (Still) Blocking Hepatitis C Patients from Treatment

November 8, 2017

More than half of states in the U.S. are failing Medicaid patients with hepatitis C.  A new report from the Harvard Law School and the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable assigned 52 percent of states and U.S. territories a “D” or “F” for the access their Medicaid system provides to curative treatment for the disease.

Infant Health Summit Spotlights Diversity and Access Disparity

October 30, 2017

“Man up” isn’t the advice you’d expect to hear at a policy summit on health care access for mothers and infants.  But it’s just what Adam Busby, star of TLC’s “OutDaughtered” and keynote speaker at the third annual Infant Health Summit, felt during his struggle with postpartum depression.

Best of Summer 2017

September 1, 2017

Vacation season?  Perhaps.  But summer hasn’t slowed the Institute for Patient Access’ steady stream of physician-led insight on policy issues that matter to patients and their health care providers.

Fast Facts: Co-Pay Coupons

August 1, 2017

People are living longer, healthier lives today with the help of advanced medicine. But innovative drugs can be expensive. Insurance…