Stepping Up the Fight Against Infant and Maternal Mortality

October 8, 2021

Among the world’s developed countries, the United States holds the unwanted distinction of being a leader in maternal and infant deaths. In an attempt to turn the tide, the federal government last month announced a new $350 million investment.  

From Mom to Baby: Antibodies and Infant Health

June 18, 2021

Everyone knows children inherit some things from their parents: their blue eyes, their curly hair, or perhaps their love of the outdoors. Moms take prenatal vitamins and get maternal vaccines like Tdap to transfer health benefits and good antibodies to their unborn babies.

Can Telehealth Make Pregnancy and Birth Safer?

May 24, 2021

It’s perhaps the oldest partnership in health care – safeguarding an expectant mother through pregnancy, assisting with the miracle of birth, and caring for the new mother and infant afterward.