How Telehealth Changed My Mom’s Life

April 26, 2021

Watching a patient eat. Asking about family photos on the nearby coffee table. Observing the living space. These are all benefits of telemedicine that help doctors see their patients through a new lens.

Telehealth Isn’t Only for Pandemics

February 8, 2021

I was 15 when I was diagnosed with two rare liver diseases. Growing up in rural Kentucky, that meant countless out of state trips to see specialists. Those trips were a family commitment.

Pregnant Women’s New Ally

January 14, 2021

Before this day is over, two women in the U.S. will die in childbirth or as the result of a pregnancy complication.

Telemedicine’s Uncertain Future

October 13, 2020

The ability to connect with health care providers via phone, laptop or tablet has become a lifeline for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.