Why Hepatitis B Demands More Attention

August 18, 2021

Most people are aware of hepatitis C, but other types of viral hepatitis and liver disease often get overlooked. As a result, Americans suffer.

Hepatitis Can’t Wait

July 28, 2021

Every 30 seconds a person dies from a hepatitis-related illness. That startling statistic underscores the urgency to test, treat and cure people with viral hepatitis, who often face dangerous delays.

How Smart Public Policies Can Curb Hepatitis C

May 20, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic proved that the public health response to a large-scale crisis can literally mean the difference between life and death. That lesson can now be applied to a different public health issue – hepatitis C.

A Map to Hepatitis Elimination

February 9, 2021

After years of steadily increasing hepatitis rates, the country has lost its way on controlling the deadly viral disease. Now, it has a new map.